Foredrag - Selektiv mutisme og min historie

Da er det klart - jeg skal holde foredrag og fortelle om min historie den 21. April her i Oslo. jobber hardt for å få mer kunnskap ut angående lidelsen, slik som meg. Da jeg ble spurt om jeg ville være en del av noe slikt takket jeg selvfølgelig ja med en gang. Det er veldig stort for meg - og jeg gleder meg! 

Alle er selvfølgelig velkommen, og jeg håper at så mange som mulig vil være med på å spre kunnskap og støtte! Det betyr så mye, for så mange. 

Jeg legger ved en link der dere kan lese om selve dagen og planen! 

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Ula- Where my heart is - Ula Marina


There is no place like home in Ula where I grew up. I grew up surrounded by beautiful nature on the sea side of Norway. We were always outside playing for hours when I was little, either we were fishing crabs, bathing, building cottages or playing games, it was always something to do.

I love that I was able to grow up close to the water, it really have effected my life later on. I tend to seek the water when I need a break or need to think. It is actually when you look back you realize how much this time and surroundings have affected you.

 My favorite season of all in my hometown was and are still summer time. Our little town, suddenly come to live again. From being a quiet place with approximately 250 people in the winter time, the population grow at least x 10. Everybody came to spend their summer holidays in their cabins, boats or at the camping. Everybody is just so happy and enjoying life. I love to see everybody this happy. We eat ice cream and strawberries everyday, going on spontaneous boat trips, BBQ every night, spending days at the beach reading books or hang out  with friends, life is just so easy.

When I was approximately 8 year old, my parents took over the marina by the pier in Ula. This is a little store and ice cream shop, and also a place where all boats came to fuel up there tanks. Ula Marina also function as a little connection point for everybody. Year after year, people are meeting here to talk about the past years happenings and to hang out. After being a part of my family’s business for the most of my life, Ula Marina has been a part of my child hoods as well. I have been spending hours on the marina, and in the later years I also worked here for my parents. I have probably sold thousands of ice creams and waffles.  

It was a job to be there selling waffles and ice cream, but I enjoy it. It was more to me than just a job. It was a process of working hard and strive to earn money to move on with other projects and plans when fall kicked in and Ula Marina closed down for the next season. I spent a lot of time thinking and dreaming of what I could do in the hours working there. By learning the value of hard work and also taking on more responsible you grew as a person.

At the marina I have met so many amazing people and friends that I will keep forever. And I remember when I was younger that every season when the same people came, you told them about your past year as well as your plan for next year. I think most of them chock their coffee when then little ice cream girl from Ula, was heading for Sydney and then New York. It is quite a contrast to be honest.  Everybody loved it and have to laugh about it too, because it is a little funny to think about.

Now, I am one of the persons that are coming home to Ula every summer. I am not the one waiting for the people to arrive for the season, I am actually one of them arriving. This year it will be quite different, because when I am coming home now I really do not know for how long, I guess everything depends on how things turn out with Miss Norway. But I am very excited to come back home to Norway and stay for a little. After a long time gone, I do miss the peace in Ula.  I have so many projects coming up with my sponsors and my work, and of course Ula Marina are one of them, so I am really looking forward to that.

I can’t wait to enjoy an ice cream by the pier and catch up with familiar faces from last year again at Ula Marina.





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Shoot in LA - Inspired by Miss Olivia Jordan



So right when I came to LA I was so lucky to get an amazing room mate, which has been working as super model for many years. So she really believed in me and my projects, and still does. She has went on and beyond to help me and one of the things is been helping me with connecting with amazing people here in LA. So the first week living here I went to a photo shoot here in LA, the photgraphers name is Brendon Minto and he is very talented.

We wanted to create a little look, and I found some inspiration from Olivia Jordan, Miss Universe USA 2016. It is impossible not to be affected by the culture around pagenants here.  I am very happy with the results and I am excited to share some of the pictures with you.


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Reeah Production - Video presentasjon



Da kom jeg endelig i havn etter flere crashed- mac issues og andre tekniske problemer.  Dette er min presentasjonsvideo som er filmet, redigert og regissert av Reeah Production, som basically er meg selv. Sminken og håret på noen av filmene er fra  Dani Abunar og hans dyktige team fra Goldwell.

Var hårmodel i helgen som var kjempe gøy :) Skal skrive alt om det i neste innlegg :) 

  Håper dere har hatt en flott weekend :) 


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Vinn hudpleiebehandling


I samarbeid med min sponsor Beauty Clinic har jeg fått lov til å kjøre en konkurranse. Det er en liten uke igjen til finaleuttaket, så for å feire at jeg har kommet så langt, og som takk til alle som har fulgt meg, så tenkte jeg en konkurranse var midt i blinken! 

Noen har sikkert fått med seg denne konkurransen allerede, og den foregår på instagram. Her kan du vinne hudpleiebehandling og farging av vipper og bryn til både deg og en venn! Kult ikkesant? Det fine med Beauty Clinic er at de har et så bredt utvalg av hudpleiebehandlinger, slik at de finner behandlingen som passer for nettopp deg!

Denne sjansen vil du virkelig ikke gå glipp av! For å delta må du følge meg og Beauty Clinic på instagram, samt tagge den vennen du vil ha med deg. Gå inn på min instagram inakollsetb og meld deg på! Vinneren trekkes mandag 26. mars.

Foto: Blackfilm AS

Vil du heller være sikret en behandling? Bestill time hos i dag. De har et stort utvalg av behandlinger, og skreddersyr en behandling som passer for akkurat deg. 



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The Beautiful Side of Africa!

So its been a lot of impressions and a lot of sad stories about my Africa trip.

However, we did try to enjoy a little bit of the beauty of Africa and the people that lives there.

One of the guys who have been working with us on several projects is also in the fashion industry. So everybody here decided that Emily and I needed to get African dresses. So Him and his friend took us fabric shopping at the local market. It was so amazing to see all the colors and patterns they had. The dresses turned out amazing and I will show you guys pictures later on.

They also wanted to show us an amazing view at a place called Hill Camp. On the way in the tuk-tuk we passed Lake Victoria, which is the second largest lake in the world. They told us about the hippohoptimus that lived there and that you could see them. We were like WO.And a few minutes later we were on the way to Lake Victoria for hippopotamus safari!! It was amazing. Emily and I acted like we were 10 and we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw 5 hippos swimming around. It was an incredible experience.
After the hippo safari we went to Hill Camp. We first met some local people that were fishing and spent some time with them. Then we watched the sunset over lake Victoria, it was so beautiful. After that we walked though the country side and stopped by a local beach area where the young people where hanging out. It was like a African beach party. We only stoped by for a second before we had to ride motorbikes home. What an experience!
We had a great time.

We also took a 2-day trip on Safari! It something I feel you just have to do when you are there. And since we spent most of our days working on projects, it was nice to get a break and see the beautiful national park. I guess the pictures says more than words. Look for your self:


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Påmelding for 2019 er i gang

Påmelding til Miss Norway 2019 er full gang etter at semifinaleuttaket for 2018-sesogen er gjennomført. Vi gleder oss til å se din påmelding. Det er lurt å følge med på årets deltakere for å danne et bilde av hva konkurransen går ut på.

Beste hilsener fra Kaja Caroline Kojan, Miss Norway 2017

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