Mother's day - Family First

Today is the Norwegian mother’s day and I will dedicate this post to not only my mom, but both to parents and my brother as well. These three human beings are amazing, and I wouldn’t be where I was today because of them.  I would not been the person I am today because of you and here I am competing in Miss Norway 2018.

Too Mami: You have always be there to support me. You have a heart of gold and are nicer than anyone I have ever met ( and you know that I have met a lot  of people!) . You teached me to be nice and kind, and the love you have for other people and the things you do for others is fantastic. You taught me to be the same and always help as many as we can, Thank you for that. Thank you for being so amazing and supportive. Thank you for being exactly as you are.


Too Papi; Or to daddy cool, as I know you would prefer. You have been the boss and the most motivation for me to success. Because of your high ambitions and drive, you have taught me to do the exact same. We might not always agree, but because of the way you have taught me to work hard and to reach for the best, I have done so. I would not have been doing everything I do because of today. I love my daddy-hugs and I thank you for being the best daddy!


Too Even: My little big brother. You and I are like water and air, very different but so much the same, and are very dependent on each other. I do not know where to start, but I do know that my life would have been so different and boring without you. Thank you for being so supportive, alwayse belive in my dreams and belive in me. Thank you for picking up the phone at 5 am and for always listen. I wish everybody had a brother like you. Together we can do everything. Becca og Even for alltid.


I wish everybody an amazing Sunday! Either with family, friends or alone.


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Aldri har jeg sett så mange glade barn på ett sted
Hva betyr morsdagen for meg?


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Påmelding for 2019 er i gang

Påmelding til Miss Norway 2019 er full gang etter at semifinaleuttaket for 2018-sesogen er gjennomført. Vi gleder oss til å se din påmelding. Det er lurt å følge med på årets deltakere for å danne et bilde av hva konkurransen går ut på.

Beste hilsener fra Kaja Caroline Kojan, Miss Norway 2017

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