To all the haters out there

endret-str Photo: Kato B. Hanssen


So recently I was interviewed by one of the local newspapers and I received one of my first online harassment on their facebook page. This is not the first time I have been harassed online, and it probably will not be the last time. As we grow older, I also think we get wiser, or at least some of us do. 

As we get older I believe that we get a better understanding of other people, we know better and we are more thoughtful about what we say and do to each other. I believe that we learn to accept and understand the differences between each other and we learn to accept that we all have different meanings and views on life. Unfortunately, not everyone develops that understanding for other people. They struggle with understanding and accepting that we all have different points of views on certain things. Some people keep dragging others down and some do that to make themself feel better. Instead of keeping their negative comments to themselves, they have to take it out on other people. What I have learned from this is to be the better person, and not to go for revenge. Rather, I inform them about my point of view. I have also learned not to take these things personally. 

This blog post is a reminder that we need to learn to accept each other and understand that we all don't need to be the same! There is no need to harass others just to feel better about yourself! And if there ever comes a point where someone tries to harass you, try your best to be the better person! 

We need to remind ourselves that we are better than that!

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