We can all make a difference!


Hi again.

So on Tuesday, the day we got our results I was around in my hometown looking for volunteer work. So this blog post will be about a important topic, how we all can make a difference! 

I often hear people say things like: "It doesnt matter what I do, its not like I am gonne make a difference." or "Its not like I am gonne change the world by doing this." 

But actually it does make a difference what you do! If everyone thinks it doesnt matter nothing will happen, no changes will come. 

I have a opposite mindset, I think everything we do, and even the smalles things we do can make a change in the world! And that is also one of the reason why I started my volunteering so late, because I couldnt decide! I think everything is so important; clean environment, help the elderlie, help the immigrants, be there for a person, work with animalprotection... 

I went to Grimstad volunteer senter last week and asked about what could fit me best! The women working there was so helpfull with many different options for volunteer work but I decided to work at Rasteplassen, a place in my hometown where everyone is welcome and you can have a good meal, a cup of coffee, eat good cakes or bring some with you home. I will work there once a week since they only have it open one day every week. But it was so nice to be there! I felt so welcome and I blended right in. I alsp love to chat with different people and It was so lovely to see so many different people, togheter, talking and having a good time. I am really excited about this! 

Wish everyone a good sunday 

Lots of hugs from Viktoria 

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