New photos!

20200521-823A9114-Edit-Edit-Edi_20200528-145606_1 Photo: Kato B. Hanssen


So last week my photographer, Kato B. Hanssen and I took some new photos!

This time it was more focus on portrait, summer and smiling and we also did some photos who was more inspired to be cool and sporty. 

We choosed the perfect location and the weather was with us the whole time! 

I cant thank Kato (my photographer) enough. He is always stepping up! He have so many good ideas and he is so comfortable to be around and the best of all he takes very good photos! Check him out on Instagram HERE


Here was the summer inspired photos. And as you might see the flowers matched my dress. The next photos was more cool and sporty inspired. 


But we also laughed through this session, or at least I tryed doing a nice smile but fell out in laughter instead.


All the photos is taken by: Kato B. Hanssen

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