How To Make A Delicious colorful smoothie =)

How To Make A Delicious colorful smoothie =)

Hello beautiful people ,I hope you all had a beautiful day =)

My day started with working 06.30 in the morning then making my smoothie that I will be sharing with you here .This Smoothie is fresh & Healthy with frozen berries ,4 apples ,4 bananas ,4 slices of ananas ,A little cranberries juice ,some grapes .As you all know by now ,I focused to have  very healthy lifestyle that means Like going to the gym twice as I do in two hours and sweat ,they say if it burns ,it works :) I m very focused on eating & drinking healthy cause that s my lifestyle . how to make fruit smoothies, and you'll always have the perfect summer snack solution. These snack/drink hybrids are delicious and refreshing, but the true triumph is in how waistline-friendly they are. Practically any fruit mixture you choose will provide healthy doses of Vitamin C and dietary fiber, not to mention the more specific benefits of individual fruits. Perhaps best of all, these little miracle drinks are super simple to make. When you know how to make fruit smoothies, you can spend the rest of the summer happily sipping away.

In this recipe, smoothies are power-packed with bananas ,appels,ananas , antioxidants from berries.  the berries Get in all those delicious, juicy strawberries and raspberries and blackberries, and now, we're just gonna blend away. So, that is blended all nicely, and that's ready to serve up. You can serve it over ice if you like, or just like that, a really nutritious breakfast drink. Perfect. Oh, it s  delicious. So this is a really delicious way to start your day. That's how you make fruit smoothies. Breakfast or snack, this berry smoothie is quick, delicious, and a provides a healthy helping of vitamins and energy.



When it comes to making fruit smoothies , nothing beats frozen fruit for convenience and savings. I keep bags of frozen strawberries, mangoes, peaches and blueberries in my freezer, then mix and match depending on what I’m in the mood in.But come summer, why not take advantage of all that fresh fruit on sale at the grocery store? Strawberries, blueberries, peaches and more—these six fruit smoothie recipes are sure to last you all summer long, and you can easily adjust the amounts to make only as much as you want, even if it’s just a single tall glass of cool, fruity deliciousness.


 smoothies are waistline-friendly & Esay to make

I hope You all will have a good evening




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