My day ,New sponsor ,New interview with Radio prime Fredrikstad tune in today =)You have to make it happen,cause no one will make it happend for you =) Hard work pays off

My day ,New sponsor ,New interview with Radio prime Fredrikstad tune in today =)You have to make it happen,cause no one will make it happend for you =) Hard work pays off

Hello beautiful people ,I hope you all had a wonderfull sunny day & taste of summer ,I love it =)

Today i worked out as every other day twice in 2 hours & drinking my smoothie afer workout time feels good fesh & sexy.I took this picture to day when I was sitting down and enjoying my smoothie at home .Today has been a very busy day a lot of phone calls & email to my sponsors ,I know that nothing worth having comes esay & that nothing beats hardwork .



Today I will be meeting up with Radio prime Fredrikstad my beautiful home town for a Interview with them .I m so excited to be their guest today =)





I m so proud to present to you all my new sponsor Family sports club Halden who will support me through my journey in Miss Universe Norway 2013.I will be meeting with jamie sorensen Manager for Family sports Club Halden looking my meeting with family sports club halden  .Family Sports Club has grown constantly from five centers In 2005 to 17 cencters today. Family sports clubs vision is FAMILY - exercise suitable for all ages and physical conditions.SPORTS - A life that's all about a healthy and active lifestyle.CLUB - an enjoyable training environment, a meeting place for social interaction, enjoyment and fun.

Where family sports club comes from ?

At IHRSA Convention in San Diego, March 1996, plans were laid for a new franchise chain, and this was discussed by Hans Pedersen, Gym Line AS and Rolf Myklebust, Pro Gym Sports Center, both with extensive experience in the operation of traditional gyms. Shortly after his return, it was decided that four training centers should be involved in development of the concept.

What do we believe ?

I refuse to be anything Profitable gyms are created by professional commercial operation and intensive marketing in the surrounding area.

Family Sports Club chain profile will be characterized by knowledge, seriousness, quality, satisfaction and fun.

Family Sports Club takes the consequence of the industry's biggest challenge - apostasy. Our membership concept focuses on following up the client closely and individually. The goal is to develop good exercise habits of all members so that they continue anymore!

Family Sports Club employees see that the chain's most important resource, where attitude and the ability to treat people well, is as important as professional qualifications. We want members to always feel welcome regardless Family Sports Club they visit.

Successful in what i put my 100% willpower ,determination,dedication .They say that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams



.The first step is always the most difficult but once you take it everything else falls into place and you begin to wonder why you were scared of taking that step.Taking chances is all about taking risks in life which might be measured,calculated & practical or can be way to impractical.It is ofent emphasized that one should take practical chances & risks.At several times in life ,you will have to take chances & try your luck . taking chances can also provide you a new lease of life. so whenever yor face the dauting task of taking chances and trying your luck ,act bravely & show fortitude.you can definitely benefit if you take chances whenever the situation demands .just keep taking chances and having fun. Life is a gift that you get to open everyday dont waste a singel moment of a singel day,take life s challenge and conquer the world . if you always do  what you have done ,you will always get what you have got .if you want things that u never had ,you must do things ,you must do things you have never done .



Do more of what makes you happy & love what you do .If you want something to happen, then make it happen. only you can be the author of your own story.In life its rarely about getting a chance ,Its about taking a chance .you will never be 100% sure it will work ,but you can always be 100% sure doing nothing wont work .most of the time you just have to go for it and believe in your self & your dreams ,your passion .Success does not happen overnight it is the result of continuance endurance and hard work. People who have tasted success will like to taste it again and again. Success is a combination of thoughts, words and actions. Luck has no role to play in success. Only hard work pays. If at all luck plays a role it is only temporary. Aristotle says, “It is possible to fail in many ways while for success it is possible only in one way”. the simplest route to success thus” success is simple.


Do what’s right the right way at the right timeb2ap3_thumbnail_913212_10200730166993314_1446899845_n.jpg.


beauty lies in the eye of the beholder



This is from my photoshoot with tiffany dresses the team was Princess .Everything has beauty ,but not everyone sees it


I m wishing you all a good night ,cause tomorrow will be a long busy day =)

New day,new chances conqure the world =)



A <3


Kjoleprøving =)
Dette gjør jeg for å få et langt og tykt hår!


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