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Hi everyone!


Today me and Sunniva visited the Kon-Tiki Museum here in Oslo.

I love history, especially about Norwegian legends such as Tor Heyerdahl. What he managed to do and prove with his dangerous, but amazing journey to the Polynesian Island is incredible. 


Here is a picture of me outside the Museum.



This is the story about Tor Heyerdahl and his Kon-Tiki journey.

Thor Heyerdahl gave the name Kon-Tiki to his raft that he used in his 1947 expedition. His crew on the expedition existed of Erik Hesselberg, Bengt Danielsson, Knut Haugland, Torstein Raaby and Herman Watzinger.

The expedition began with Heyerdahl believing that people from South America could have settled in Polynesia in the south pacific in pre-Columbian times.

His aim in mounting the Kon-Tiki expedition was to show, by using only the materials and technologies available to them at the time, that there were no technical reasons to prevent them from having done so.

They used trees and other native materials to construct a balsawood raft said to be of native style.

Here is a picture of a copy of the raft in the Kon-Tiki museum.


Heyerdahl and his crew sailed it for 101 days over 4,300 miles across the Pacific Ocean before smashing into the reef at Raroria in the Tuamuto Islands on August 7, 1947. They had modern equipment such as radio and military expedition food, but found they could live off the fruits of the ocean, as the raft attracted lots of marine life.

Here is a picture of some of sea animals that the raft attracted. The big Shark-Whale was with during their journey for several days. The crew felt it did not show any intention of hurting the raft, but it would not leave either.

One fish they ate a lot was flying fish. 

I took a picture of the one that they have stuffed at the museum.




Thor Heyerdahl wanted to prove that is was possible for people from South America to have settled in Polynesia in pre-Columbian times, and he managed to prove that this was possible.

Here is a picture of a wax figure made of Thor Heyerdahl at the museum.


It was lovely getting to know the Kon-Tiki expedition even deeper. I am amazed about what him and his crew dared to do. They risked their lives for proving that one theory is possible.

The biggest reason for me to visit this museum and learn more about Kon-Tiki and Heyerdahl. Was because Thor Heyerdahl is such an adventure seeker, just like me. And I love how much work, dedication and bravery he gave in his whole theory and expedition. 



A big hug from Andrea Nicole <3


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