How I spent My winter vacation

87572198_613951529184503_8402974025654992896__20200224-132718_1 Veggi pizza


Now my winter vacation is over. And as you might have noticed I have a lot of animals. So its not so easy or normal for me to travel in the vacation since I have so many animals to take care of. Especially I dont travel so close to the competition season with my horses. Normally all of them live with my mom but this vacation she got to take a "travel away" and I had the responsibilty for our animals! We have 12 animals that is ours and one horse that rent at our stabel. Its really cozy and a lot of work! But my animals give me so much joy and they give my days and life a meaning! 

Tusta had a relax vacation

Litning and I also had some nice trips in the woods

The weather have been so crazy and changing between sun, rain, wind and hailstorms. 

I also got to eat a lot of pizza in the winter vacation. 

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Have a lovely week. 

Hugs from Bjartur, Minsten, Theo (in the background) and I 

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