Rescue Center - Start up and a Big Thank You!

Start up and a big thank you!

Before heading to Kenya I had a few projects going on already. However, I got a a lot of funds raised from you guys - thank you so much. As you saw before some of the money went to the projects I already had planned for when I was there, and it made a huge impact on many peoples lives

However, it was important to me to find a long term project to invest in to create something that could actually change some people lives forever, not only in the moment.

After seeing and understanding more of the life in Kenya, it was hard to decide where to actually start helping, when you want to help everybody. Also beacaue you actually want to ensure that the money is used for its purpose.

The girls at Familia and their background had a big impact on me. To understand that there is no help to get if somebody is getting raped or abused it is sad - and sadly, this does happen a lot. There is no place for people to be taken care of in circumstances like this, or anyone to follow up the case to take the person that commited the crime- at least it is very limited. So togheter with Julie Hellon and Emily West, we decied to make the start up of a rescue center happen.
It will be a process to get it up and running, but it will happen now.
It is amazing to be a part of something that can have a important impact on peoples lives. Im very greatful that I got to meet amazing people on this trip, Julie, Lottie, Emily and Dawn, and be able to create something even more amazing with them.

I will keep you posted on the development of this. And again thank you so much to everyone that made this happen ❤️

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