The After Math - Kenya Moving Forward

Hello Everyone,

It has been about two and a half month since I got back from Kenya. However, do feel like I am there everyday. After a trip like this you really change as person and I have reflected upon that a lot lately.  Rebecca from before and after Kenya is a different person. And it is not just with materialistic things and things we owe, but its the way we act and behave has humans. Things that I would spend a great amount of time being sad and upset for is now just irrelevant. I see people with different eyes, and things that have happened in the past make a different sense to me know.

As well as you really see the people you used to surround yourself or do surround yourself with, differently. It have really given me a perspective on life in a different way. I wake up everyday now and try to see the world differently, but with a positive and loving way. If some of the people in Kenya, which have nothing can do it, we can do it. 

I get weekly updates with the girls and kids in Kenya and it warms my heart to see when things are getting done and another person are being taken care of or rescued. It shows that the work and effort we put in together actually helps. After coming back, I have spent a large amount of time of thinking what else we can do to improve and help out to do even more. I can not just leave it be with what it is. One of my sponsors this year, VIP Beauty Lounge  reached out to me, and besides being one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters they are amazing human beings. Not only do they help me but they wanna be a part of the humanity projects I have been working on. So when I come home we will create a customer night where we will create a fundraising for Kenyan Kids. It is to me very beautiful how we can connect beauty and charity and create something even more beautiful. I am very excited about this. Both for myself, Kenyan Kids, Vip Beauty Lounge, as well as all the people that would attend our event!

Here are some pictures from Kenya! I do wanna go back so much. 




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