Being a big sister

Hi everyone!


Today I have decided to write about one of the most important roles in my life, being a big sister.

Having one younger brother and two little sisters gives me a lot of responsibility and I love how much it teaches me to be as a person.

Here is a picture of me and my wonderful siblings.


It has been so great having my younger brother by my side growing up.

Only two and a half year sets us apart.

This picture was taken on a vacation in Denmark when we were younger.

We have always gotten along and always support each other.

Well, do not get me wrong. We both have our moods, but very rarely. The biggest fights we have ever had has been about what footballers we think are the best or not, hehe.

This picture was taken in a restaurant in Bulgaria after Germany won against Sweden in the world cup.


Then I have my two younger sisters.

My sisters are much younger than me. One is three years old and the other is six, almost seven years old.

Here is a picture of us from a car trip to Germany. Always smiling when I am with them, they make me so happy!

We literally have the best time together and I love having girly nights with them.  They always say "sister time" when we hang out just us girls.


Being their older sister. My focus has always been on being someone they can confide in, trust and to be a good role model for.

Here is a picture of them all when we made currants cream this summer!


Love them so much! Can not wait for all the memories we will create together in the future. So thankful for the memories we have now!


A big hug from Andrea Nicole <3


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