Guess Who Made The News?!

Hei alle sammen!!

Hope everyone is as excited as I am! 

                  Photo by John Arvid Johnsen


I was over the moon with excitement when it was confirmed that I am going to be interview by a journalist from This was mainly because this is my first time being featured in the media about something other than my birthday. Getting a feature in the media for your birthday, is common in Liberia (where I come from, originally).

 On Wednesday, January 16th I got a call from a kind journalist (Elise) asking if I had the time to go in for an interview, unfortunately, we had to change in-person interview to an on-the-phone interview instead. Ms. Elise asked, “why the Miss Norway 2019 competition is more than just a competition for me?”; she also asked questions about the details of the competition, about my background, and my personal story.

 The social justice focus I choose for my Miss Norway 2019 journey is “Domestic Abuse and other forms of Domestic Violence.” To everyone who has experienced or witnessed any form of domestic violence and/or abuse, like myself, I want you to know that YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU KNOW. You are more than what you have been or may be going through. Don’t EVER let your past or current situation determine your future. NEVER stop believing in your dreams, and don’t take ‘’no’’ for an answer. Believing that my life could be better is how I got here today!

To think that a simple lady, who is a nobody like me, is worthy of a whole page feature in any publication is so unreal. MAMA WE’VE MADE IT! I’m sooo grateful to for the feature and look forward to the next one (in the TIMES Magazine)! *wink*.

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Jeg ønsker samarbeidspartnere så hvis dette virker interessant for deg, gjerne ta kontakt med meg på e-post Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den. 

I wish you all a lovely week ahead! 

Winnie Tenne Cooper  


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