Healthy Juice Cleanse Recipes!

Healthy Juice Cleanse Recipes!

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! 

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. I always feel so motivated on Mondays. Ready to seize the day.

So, I have an exciting photoshoot coming up next Monday. Which leads me to today's topic. Which is my favourite way to prepare for a shoot.

And I just wanted to start with a quick disclaimer. I am not promoting extreme diets. This post is about my way to prepare for a shoot. And I recommend everyone to always listen to their body.

Working out is ofcourse a great part of preparing for a shoot. Not only do you feel better and happier when working out, but it's also a great way of perfecting you posture. But since i work out every day, I am not really going to make this post about that.  

So todays topic is about juice cleanses, juice diets or juice fasting. Whatever you would like to call it:)

I have been doing juice cleanses and juice diets for a several years now. And if you are not familiar with this kind of diet, it's simply to only drink juice and water for an X amount of time. And it doesn't have to be a long time. Some people prefer to do a day long cleanse, whilst someone goes several days. It all depends on what goal you have and your preference. Personally, I started with this kind of diet after having some gut problems. And i found that having a day off from regular eating now and then really helped me feeling better. It gives me an energy boost, and I often get more productive. So, after using this technique over several years, I found the best way to incorporate it into my everyday life. 

So when I know I have a shoot coming up or I simply want to take a little break from regular eating, I do a juice cleanse. And today I want to share with you my favourite recipe. 

I have a lot of different recipes for juices, and you can pretty much make juice out of any vegetable and fruits. But there are different types of “strengths” to a juice cleanse. For example, a person that's new to juicing should probably start off with a juice diet based of fruits. This way it is not so extreme, it tastes sweeter and it's a bit more “filling”. And a person who does it regularly and who is looking for a more extreme cleanse, would for example drink juices of vegetables and lemonades, often with supplements like activated charcoal.  

So i have taken 3 of my favourite juices from the “medium” and “soft” category and i will be showing you what you need. The recipe is for abut 5dl of juice. And you would need a juicer/ juice machine. 


Juice Nr. 1 

You will need: 

1 Cucumber 

3 long sticks of celery  

½ Pineapple 


This juice is very mild in flavour, and is easy to drink.  


Juice Nr. 2 

medium size beetroot 

3 big carrots 

2 green apples  



This juice is sweet in taste. You can add as much ginger as you would like. But I absolutely recommend it. Ginger has a lot of health benefits as well as a spicy taste.  


Juice Nr. 3 

3 green apples 

1 lemon  

½ Lime  

Few slices of ginger 

This is my personal favourite. It's very sour and refreshing. It has a similar taste to those ginger shots you can buy in the grocery stores. But if you find it too sour, you can add some of the pineapple leftovers from juice nr 1. it balances the taste.  



That's the final result! All of them tastes amazing. And remember that you dont have to do a juice diet to enjoy these. They are healthy and a great way to get your greens anyway. Also, always listen to your body. If you are trying a longer juice cleanse and you dont feel well, just break the cleanse. 

Until next time!



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