Today was such an interesting day! Institutions and people have always interested me a lot. I love to analyze and understand people. And I find it very interesting to understand or learn about different groups in the society. I also think it’s very important to learn and understand the people in different parts of the society, because It gives you a deeper understanding of how people do what they do and why certain things happen. I have for years, been working in nursing institutions with a lot of mental and disordered behavior, and that have given me a very opposite impression of both institutions, people and governmental systems. I think this type of work have great positive impact on my life and me as a person. Because I have been able to understand and learn about people in away, which most people would never do. It gives you answer to way things are done one way or another.

We tend to make up our minds and judge people or situations without knowing exactly what’s going on. It’s very normal and I do too. In many cases we base our believes in statements and word of moth by people and some lose facts, so the story we have can be completely right, completely wrong or 50:50 of each. 


When my friend which is a prison guard in one of Norway’s High security prisons invited us to come for a tour. We had to go. I was both excited and nervous because. The word prison is a bit scary.  I had made my mind up on how I think a prison in Norway works, my friend had another idea and newspaper says something else. We had to go to see it ourselves. We could of course not meet or see any prisoners because of security reasons, but the guards could tell us everything we wanted to know.


I think its important to know how a Prison actually work and look as Well as underatsnding the minds to some of the people behind the wall. Why do they Get there? How? What did they do? What’s the most common reason? How old are they? Etc. I had so many questions.


Rumors have said that Norwegian prisons are like hotels. Well, its not. I would never wish to come there, its not a nice place or a place you want to come. Trust me- We were able to try all the cells. However Norwegian prisons treat people as human compared to certain international prison as and Norway is trying to integrate the prisoners back to a better life after, for everybody’s best. No one wants more crimes, more criminals or more money spent on criminals. Norway’s way of dealing with this is way more economic and human than in many other countries I believe. But trust me it’s not a hotel and it’s uncomfortable and scary.


I have so many impressions and I’m so thankful that I gained all this knowledge. It’s interesting to me to hear and understand a world that’s completely unlike mine. I wish more people had the chance to experience what we did today - to understand more of how a prison works from all perspectives: the prisoners, the guards, the cops, the system and the average Norwgian’s point of view.


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