MISS NORWAY 2018- My Journey



Miss Norway 2018 is coming to an end and the finale is only a few days away! It has been an amazing journey, and I have achieved and experienced more then I ever could have imagined. I want to share with you everything that has happend since I got chosen as one of many girls in September 2017, to participate in Miss Norway 2018.   Here is my journey.
I recived an email, knowning that I was choosen to be one of the paricipants of Miss Norway 2018. I was ecstatic. it had always been a dream of mines, since I was a little girl. I, Rebecca, 24 at that time, from Ula, was supposed to be competing for Miss Norway 2018. One thing I was sure about was that I wanted to give everything I could to be a part of this. I wanted to go big, and know that I put my heart and soul into this. I was a little nervous also knowing that I lived in New York until May of 2018, I was hoping it wouldnt affect my participation in a negative way.  I saw it as an oppertunity to use my connection and life in New York, to get attention to Miss Norway internationally. In the United States, Miss Universe and Miss World are one of the highest achivement a person can get, so I was soon to be realizing how good and different it was to be abroad most of the year.  I have worked with people world wide, and have many followers from several countries as well as some friends of mines from New York, Germany and the Philipines are flying in for the finale. 
I needed a drive and motivation that was bigger than myself, and Miss Norway had been a dream for a long time. Now it begun:
We had the first seminar with the first round of ladies that was choosen to participate. We learned about everything we needed to prepare for the coming year. It was also interesting to see all the ladies for the first time.  
I spent a weekend in Oslo with my friends and famiy, and my good friend Lisa, from Germany, flew in to celebrate my participation.
(With my friend Lisa from Germany)
As soon as I got back to New York, I wanted to organize plan for Miss Norway and to work towards the plan I sat. My first photoshoot was in West Village, with my Swedish Friend and Photographer Hanna Bouveng.
Blogging was starting to become a habit and I wanted to share my life in the states and when I travelled. I wanted to be a good role model for young girls, that have dreams and ambitions. Not long ago, my dreams was to live and work in NYC and that dream came true. I wanted to show that dreams can come true if you work hard for them!
Charity Projects is one thing that is highly valued in Miss Norway. For the past years in NYC I have been volenteering for Holy Apostel Soup Kitchen, so in November I attended a food serving.
We needed to send in pictures for Miss Norway, So for this I worked with a Indian based New York, New Jersey Based Phorographer Rutvik Katuri.
My First Sponsor: VIP Beauty Lounge
I got my first sponsor, a beauty salon in Sandefjord! They helped me throughout the whole year looking fabulous!
Many Ideas and planning. Throughout the weeks I wanted to do something really meaningful. A few years ago I worked and managed a big project for sseveral schoos and an Orphanages in Peru, which really meant a lot to me. I wanted to do something similar, but now somewhere new. My bestfriend have been working for years in Kisumu, Kenya in Africa, and she had been telling me stories from there many times. In developing countries such as Kenya, you need less resources to do more for the society. I thought it could be beautiful to bring together my people in Norway (Europe) and the US to do something great in a third world countries like in Kenya, Africa. It is kinda beautiful I think. A lot of emailing, planning and meetings later- I had booked my trip to Kenya, and the planning had begun. The founder of a small girlshome/orphanage, Julie Hellon, wanted to travel down with me to to show me Kenya and show me her projects. Soon her friend Dawn (who lives in France) and Lottie (who lives in england) joined our team, and soon we were a team. Just beacuse of an Idea I had, I was now going to Kenya - with a team! My bestfriend Emily, who is also Norwegain but lives in New York joined us too. The planning for Project Kenya had began. 
Back to Norway!
Meeting and Treatmeants at VIP Beauty Lounge.
I had to preapre for the beauty camp, and went to meet my sponsors in Sandefjord for the first time, To get a beauty treatment.
We had our catwalk-course traning in Oslo, with Klara. We learned how much work it takes to be a participant and what we needed to do. It was very hard, but so helpful. My feets were basically killing me after it was over, but you just have to bit your teeths and go through it.  But this is what it takes, and what you must do in order to thrive. You need to push youself to the limit and work hard.
The radio came to make a live show from my kitchen. They wanted to see how a beauty contestant looked at 8am in the morning! So fun!
My First Photo Shoot in Norway, Frogner, with Daniel Millian and Jocline Diaz.
Charity Consert at Tjølling Sykehjem.
I organized  a concert together with my bestfriend to get focus in my hometown, specificlly to the elderlys,to brighten up their day, even though there are some grey days as well. Some of the old ladies sang along and it turned out to a little party. We made waffles and apple cake and chocplate cake, and we sat down with the eldery a while after, to just chat and have a good time with them.
Treasurehunt for Disabled Kids.
For years I have been working with disabled, handicaped kids and adults. Many of these tend to fall out of the society and have limitied options when it comes to activites etc. After working with this for years, I know that it is just a matter of organizing, preparing and thinking outside the box, to see opportuinites. I wanted to do something for these kids, that can give them a postive experince and way to stimulate development. I created a treasure-hunt, and it was a success. As a reward, after we finished the race, we all had fruit salad and ice cream.
 (Because of private policy we were not allowed to take any photos at this event)
Move From NYC to LA,
I got a new job offer in LA, in which I have never visited or lived, I said yes and one week and half after returning from Norway, I was ready to spend my last months in the United States on the West Coast, in West Hollywood and Los Angeles. I had no idea what to expect, except working with event managment and fashion events. I made amazing new friends, got a super healthy lifestyle, and loved it!
I started a fundraising on Facebook for the projcts I had plan to do in Kenya, which was so far: Feeding program for street kids,  live and expand the orphage Familia for girls, teach at the local schools, visit families in the slum, visit the orphanage. New Life.
(FB fund raising) I ended up generate 12 000 NOK through this fundraising on Facebook and Litecoin investment, and I also got 27 000 NOK from familiy friends to my projects. This gave me way more resources to work with then I ever expected. 
First Shoot in LA with Canadian Photographer, Brendon Minto.
Sports Shoot in Pacific Palisaid with my roomate and photographer, Allegra Ream
Hiking Trips and Yoga Daily
NEW YORK for 2 days,
I was flying to Kenya, and I booked my ticket from New York, Before I knew I was moving to LA. Which made me go a few days before to visit my friends and host an event. We also did some filming for Miss Norway Video here!
Project Kenya at The Ainsworth,
I wanted to host an event to bring attention to my project in Kenya, and I invited all my friends to come and bring clothes and toys which they didn't need anymore-. Emily and I bought as much as we could with us. My old job, The Ainsworth resaurant offered to host us, and it was amazing! So many people showed up, and we filled up our four big suitcases with donated stuff.
We did so many charity projects here, this is what we had planned and did ( Me and my 4 teammates and travel partners)
-Working and living with the girls at the girlhome/orphanage Familia
- A Feeding program in the local park where we fed approximatly 200 street boys.
- Teaching at a primiary school
- Visit the families in the slum,
- Visit the extremely poverty in the counry side: The Village
- Miss Prision in Kisumu Women Prison, where I was invited to be one of 5 judges.
- Activity day for The Familia Girls, where we teached them swimming
- Work at New Life, and American runned Orphan age.
- Fashion Show for the families girls, where we gave them indian dresses we donated, practiced catwalk etc. Emily and I made Norwegian Tacos for them, which they had never ever had. 
START A RESCUE Center, and invested in the development of that. I ended up generating way more money than I first thought, and because Kenya is a complicated and corrupted country it was hard to find a cause to support, beacsue you do want to support everybody. After living closely by with the girls, we really saw the need of a recuse center. There is no place where a girl or boy can be taken care of if they are a victims of any crime (rape, abuse, assault etc). We wanted to give them a place and  support center  where they can be followd up, because in cases where they are not, they might die. This also give us the abillity to follow up and make sure the person that committed the crime get caught. This is only a start, and we need to follow up with this for years. But it is nice to know that you are a part of something bigger.
Just a month after I came home, I got the message that Beatrice, a 8 year old girl was rescued. She was living in very sad and un imaginable circumastances. However she is now taken care of by Familia and have a bright future. This is thnaks to some of the work we did and the investment you put in.
Lottie which I travelled with and Beatrice.
Shoot at Venice Beach, California with Allegra Ream
I got three sponsors in one week I was so happy, I had worked hard by making a business proposal. And I got them all by communicating online! So so Happy
SEVEN TØNSBERG - Female Fashion forward clothing store
Ula Marina- A Summer Seasoal Business, where I am the HR manager
Bolt Communication: A PR commuication company from Oslo.
Shoot at Hollywood Boulevard:
Creating the Miss Norway Video:
Online TV interview with Dappr Tv
About my participation in Miss Norway, Baout Style and Beauty and Social Media Influence, My projecTs in Norway and Kenya.
ICONS OF LA, SHOOT and Instagram Interview
A new aspring channel heard about me and my projects and Miss Norway and wanted me to come for an interview and Photoshoot.
I joined the organization Hear.Speak.Free to be a voice and raise awareness to stop humantrafficking.
Invited to speak at NYU, New York University.
I talked about how I had used social media in Miss Norway, for Project Kenya and how our generation can use this to influence projects we are passionate about. And I talked about how we could raise awareness around human trafficing. This is a Eastern European/ US based organization, My position is to raise international awareness. Unfortunately, my friends' mom was a victim of human trafficing.  It was 400 people who attended the conference at NYU.
Got a Styling Team
I met so many cool people due to my presentation at NYU.  One of them was Marlon, a celebrity stylist, which wanted to style me and help me hunt for the perfect gown for Miss Norway the finale, he is flying in next weekend from New York to help me with the dress for the finale!
Beauy Shoot in Lower East Side, New York
Sponsor work: Win a jacket from DRYSS
SHOOT FOR SEVEN at the Venice Canals
Photos By Brendon Minto.
Preapring for summer and made a summer commerical for the summer news!
I got so much work in New York in May , I also missed my friends a lot and could work more towards Miss Norway in NYC, because the time difference
I was so happy to spend my last month in the US in NYC.
Meetings to Try Dresses for the finale!
We did a photo shoot with Hear.Speak.Free to create some new pictures and content to use for marketing. We had the shoot in Queens and it was a lot of fun!
The Tribe,
Me and my friend officially launched our company, and we can see ourselves as young business women at the age of 25, we are so proud! We do currently have one more employee and creating sustainable careers in fashion for 10 men and women. They are Korean, Hungarian, The US, Ukrainine and Lituanian. I am so proud! This gave me the opportunity to help people follow their dreams, work, freelance and remotely from everywhere and be boss. 
June 1: Preapre fro Beauty Camp.
The first day after my arrival I went to prepare for beauty camp. I went to my sponsor VIP Beauty lounge again, to fix my brows and nails, to  look my best for beauty camp in Oslo. I also went to get some nice dresses to wear from SEVEN. A little jetlagged, but I made it to Oslo, late Friday night.
June 2: Beauty Camp 2018
Beauty Camp was such an experience. We started with a lovely Breakfast at Grilleriet at 8.00am. I was wearing the pink dress I got from Seven, and with some matching pink heels.  After the breakfast, we headed over to Åpen Scene, where we would practice corography all day. We was training for hours with Klara. Kaja, Celine, Vilde and Christina (all former Miss Norway, Universe, World or International) was helping out too. Durng the day we were both filmed and taken pictures of, so it was important that we looked our best at all time.
During catwalk practice, we had Studio S. Style to style our hair and make up. I really loved the look I got, which was smokey eyes and long curly hair, which is my favorite. 
We also got some goodie bags from sponsors: Go Fit, Fred Hamelten , Linn Pmu Nguyen! It was super cool. We also did some pictures for Go fit!
After finishing caltwalk practice and styling, we went were ready for the parade through Oslo. I was both nervous and excited! Oh yes, we also got our sashes to wear, which really made us feel like a Miss Norway Finalist. It was something specical wearing a beautiful dress and the sash together, you kinda feel like royalty.
The parade through Oslo was a lot of fun, I think I was smiling the whole time. 
After the parade, we ended the day with a great dinner at Grand Cafe Oslo.
I had my first meetings with Seven and we planned a lot of events for the summer!
Meet Dryss
I met with Kathrine and the girls at Dryss to plan shoots, and some ideas we had for the summer. I knew it would be a lot of work but so exciting. We did some content for Instagram too:
Lunch Bolt Communication 
After coming back to Norway, I had lunch at Fornebu with my team from Bolt Communication. They have been a big help promoting me, teaching me about creative content, photos and so. Such a cool day!
Catwalk Training Klara - Larvik
I went to have some catwalk practice with Klara in Larvik, it was much needed! She has been super helpful and such a good coach.
Bikini Shoot Drøbak Dryss
I had a bikini shoot in Drøbak with Daniel Millian and Joceli  Diaz again!
Shoot Botanisk Hage!
I had another beauty/ portrait shoot with Gonzalo V.P in Oslo. I used some of the picture for Goldwell Nordic. 
Frozen Elsa På rikshospitalet.
Something that is really imporant and close to my heart is kids and people with extra needs. Kids are the future, and sadly not all kids are blessed with the same life as we do. I visitied Rikshopitalt and toghether with them, made a dream day where all the kids could meet Elsa from Frozen. It was magical, and many dreams come true that day- also mine.
I had another Live Radio Interview with NRK Vestfold.
VIP Massage
I was so luck to get to try the new massagetreatments they had at VIP beauty Lounge!! I can really recommend this.
Festival Shoot For Dryss in Asker.
In Larvik, there is Festival fever in the weeks of July, so togehter we had planned a photoshoot to promote the clothes and items that do works perfect for the festival.
I had another shoot with the talented Daniel Millian and his wife Joceline Diaz.
Dryss Shoot Drøbak
I did another shoot for Dryss, to promote a brand that create clothes from old indian tsaris. I love the results.
Photos by: Raj Fylling
Fashion Show in Larivk.
Many stores in Larvik come together to create a festival fashion show for everybody. I walked the catwalk for Dryss. Such a good practice before the finale in Miss Norway!
#hilsfor faen
I was asked by the project manager in Larvik to be a part of a project for teenagers where everyone feels included.. We think there are too many people that fall outside, and we think everybody should have friends and be invited. To get focus on this they created a #hilsforfaen hashtag, where everybody is engaged to say hi to a stranger, chat a little and take a selfie and share. The project is great and has been a big hit in Larvik.
Facetime with Kenya.
I get monthly updates on how everything is in Kenya and how the girls are doing and so. However the girls themselves do not have phones, and I cant talk directly to them. However a  few weeks ago we were able to do facetime with all of them together! I also got to meet Beatrice. This made my day!
Design your own T-shirt.
Together with Dryss we hosted an event where everybody could stop by and design their own t-shirts. Creative, fun and good promotion for me and Dryss!
1 picture
SEVEN -Shoot online store.
I went to visit my sponsor Seven to plan an outfit for the finale, as well as do some pictures for their online store!
VIP Beauty Kundekvekd
We had an event in the beauty salon to promote their new make up, also to promote me in Miss Norway.
Photographer Sophie Opsahl Selbach was following the event.
Plans: Moving forward I really want to keep working on women enpowerment, I am planning to go back to Kisumu, Kenya to follow up with the grils home familie and as well more projects similar to what we do. I will work more with Hear.Speak.Free to be a voice in the misson of stop human trafficing, as well as do a trip to Ukraine, where the human trafficing rates are one of the highest (I am already invvited to come visit.) I have already planned with Rikshospitalet to come visit and to a Frozen event again as Elsa. Anotgher thing for me, is to keep growing my compnay, which focus on create sustainable carreers for girls and boys in  fashion - to create a healtier fashion industy. I also hope I can inspire young girls to pursue their dream, travel or work towards their goals. I dreamed of living a life in New York, Start my own business, and participate in Miss Norway- it is possible if you work hard for it.
Planning, Organzing and Emailing.
I have spent a lot time emailing, planning and organizing everything that I have done. And it has taken me hours daily to achive what I have done. Communication is key to make success. I have done a lot through email and skype and it have worked perfectly! It takes a lot of time to follow up sponsors and projects but it gives results.
Blogging/Facebook and Instagram:
I have shared as much as I can on my social media channel,, and I have spent a lot of time engaging with my followers on it. This has made me make more connection and given me more oppertuinites, because people have seen and heard about me.
Throughout the conestet I have had may press publications:
Articles =
Østlandsposten: 7
Sandefjordsblad: 6
Tønsbergblad= 2
Total: 15
Radio Interview:
NRK Vestfold: x2
My Favorite Articles:
International (That does not give points but still cool i think)
ONLINE LIVE TV interview with Dappr
Interview with IconsofLA : A grwoing online media channel on Instagram 
Stylederue, Intrview
Very last, I want to send a thank you to everyone that are following me, my sponsors, my family and friends for being the biggest cheerleaders. To all the phoographers and make-up artits etc. And a big thank you to Miss Norway managment to make this happen, and to be a part of my dream.
Lots of love,


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