New Sponsor ,I proudly present Max Factor

New Sponsor ,I  proudly present Max Factor

Hello beautiful people =)

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful day . I just got of the phone with Tor kristian from Max Faxfactor the makeup of makeup artist Norway and they said yes to sponsor me with their products .Tor kristian told me to call back on monday so we can arrange a day & time where I can get the products that I am being sponsored with   .I m really happy to have Max factor the makeup of make up artist norway sponsor me with their amazing products ,it's an honor for me to have you as my sponsors on my journey In miss universe Norway2013.I m so excited to be sponsored with beautiful products by Max factor noway .I will be telling you the story of max factor .Mr max factor said -Your not born glamorous ,glamour created you

MR.MAX FACTOR considered the father of cosmetics .In Hollywood's golden age was only one name on the film star's lips when it came to makeup. The name was Max Factor. Max Factor was a visionary makeup artist, wig maker and inventor, and was known for having created the unmistakable styles of the era's most famous icons like Ava Gardner, Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich. But he had a conviction that glamor should be within reach for all women.Max Factor was born in Russia and emigrated to America in 1914, where he settled in LA to be near the burgeoning film industry. Rumors about Max Factor expertise spread quickly, and it was not long before he worked with Hollywood's biggest movie stars and made their own cosmetics products for a glamorous but realistic look at the big screen. In 1916 he started selling eye shadow and eyebrow pencils. This was the first time that such products were available outside the film industry. Four years later he launched a full cosmetics line, and called it "make-up" - a word he created.Cosmetic products and techniques Max Factor created for the film industry and Hollywood its customers, gave him an Oscar statuette, but his philosophy was that all women can be glamorous with the right tools and makeup skills.From mascara to foundation and eye shadow to lip gloss - Max Factor makeup tools made available to all women, and made it possible for them to create their own glamorous style every day.


Max Factor "Skjønnhetskalibrator" helped him to understand women's shape and facial features.

10 Iconic products Max Factor has combined sinence & makeup artist for over 100 years to create a market leader ,iconic products


In the 1900s, transformed Mr. Max Factor budding stars to become Hollywood icons. In today's fashion photo, Pat MacGrath - Max Factor Global Creative Director - given Mr. Max Factor iconic looker modern.

Jean Harlow-Love has always meant friendship for me .I AM BOMBSHELL.Actress Jean Harlow, known as the "smiling vamp", had a magnetic appeal and girlish elegance that made sure she was one of Hollywood's most infamous icons.Her style mixed 1920s flirty femininity with 1930s glamor flourishing. It combines youthful skin and big eyes with artfully rolled lips and platinum blonde hair - which was her trademark.Jean Harlows career had a slow start, but the actress became famous when she was transformed into the "blonde sexbomb" - a style that was made after Max Factor brightened her hair to a platinum hue.Max Factor also created Jeans recognizable doll-like makeup look with fresh skin, thin eyebrows, flirtatious long lashes and clearly marked cupid's bow. This style united with Jeans strong presence on the canvas, made her one of the biggest movie stars ever, and an eternal beauty icon.b2ap3_thumbnail_iconic_icim1_jean_harlow.jpgJeans style is recreated and is often referred to by the current makeup artists, designers, musicians and actresses, for the maximum in coquettish glamor.


Jeans iconic style, recreated by Pat McGrath, Max Factor Global Creative Director.

I am allure.Hollywood's unforgettable movie star United a free spirit with a glowing and glamorous look, which put cinematic golden age in the fire.with its captivating look, free spirit and glowing sensuality put actress Ava Gardner film world on fire in the 1940 - and 1950's.Flawless skin, high cheekbones, arched eyebrows, striking eyes, tongue flicks and strongly defined lips - her appearance represented the excitement and glamor of Hollywood's golden age.Ava came from poor conditions, as the youngest in a large, hard-working farmer family. But Hollywood transformation made her the world's most popular seductress on the big screen, admired by men and a role model for women.Avas striking style was designed by Max Factor in 1940. It was a glamorous look with sultry eyes (which highlights the natural green color), marked the lips and glossy, dark curls.Ava Gardner was often described as one of the era's most beautiful women. With his successful career and his beautiful exterior, she paved the way for strong, courageous women worldwide.b2ap3_thumbnail_iconic_icim1_ava_gardner.jpgToday, Ava Gardner elegant style recreated time and again, as the epitome of classic glamor with a confident and independent roughness.

b2ap3_thumbnail_iconic_icim2_ava_gardner.jpgAvas iconic style, recreated by Pat McGrath, Max Factor Global Creative Director


I am a intrigue. 


Marlene Dietrich had a confident style that united femme fatale elegance with sensational glamor, which made this German-born actress and cabaret artist to one of the greatest icons.In the 1920s, Marlene acted as a stage and film artist in Berlin. At the beginning of the 1930s, she was turned into a Hollywood star, and worked with the era's most popular male actors. Her recreation in Hollywood happened thanks to Max Factor. He highlighted her features with a dramatic effect, so that the eyes seemed larger by several layers top-heavy eyeshadow. This look with smoky eyes were combined with prominent cheekbones, lips and highlighted (according to rumors) wig sprayed with real gold dust. The effect was magical and mysterious.Marlene Dietrich continued to push the limits with their unique style throughout his career. She experimented with menswear, and created a trend that is still relevant in the fashion world.Today she is still a role model for women who want their own unique style of dramatic character. And Max Factor gives us the tools to continue to recreate our own, Marlene modern look.Marlene's iconic style, recreated by Pat McGrath, Max Factor Global Creative Director



I m really proud to be sponsored by M ax Factor Norway and I m so excited to pick up my products on monday .Thank you Max Factor Norway for supporting me with your amazing & wonderful products through my journey in Miss universe Norway 2013 .



wishing You all a wonderful & beautiful day =)

Hard work pays of =) the key to success is having the courage to create something new & take chances ,just never stop fighting for what you really believe in your dreams .the world belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams 





Dont wait for the perfect moment take the moment a...


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