We need strong, independent women - This is a Miss Norway!

Today is the national women's day, and this is something that is very relevant for a Miss Norway or Miss Universe and are one of the reasons I choosed to attend Miss Norway.

In the world today it is a big difference between men and women. In most countries today men have more power than women and are seen as the strongest sex. They earn more money in the same jobs or they have more political power to mention some. After living Abroad and travelling a lot this is actually the real life of many women.

Norway has come a long way to equal the right of women and men. They both have right to the same jobs, the same education and salary. Both can take the same amount of maturnity leave. I am proud to be Norwegian in today's soceity, Where we promote equal rights for men and women.

I belive a Miss Norway has an important task by promoting this and the Norwegian culture. We need to share or culture and political perspective and fight for womens right world wide. By being a role model and an example, we can help women in other countries fight for their rights.

When I was in Africa recently, I was able to teach young girls and kids in school about the importance of education and work. Where you can follow your dream and goals and have ambitions. I told them about a life where you have the oppertunity to choose for yourself. This is something that is an of course to us Norwegians, but not to many girls around the world.

As a part of Miss Norway or as a Norwegian girl I want to be good role model and promote equal rights for men and women. Women can be and should be strong and independent and be able to take care of themselves and do what they want without anyone deciding for them.

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Påmelding for 2019 er i gang

Påmelding til Miss Norway 2019 er full gang etter at semifinaleuttaket for 2018-sesogen er gjennomført. Vi gleder oss til å se din påmelding. Det er lurt å følge med på årets deltakere for å danne et bilde av hva konkurransen går ut på.

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