Workout with a friend !

I thought I would share with you a super good idea and experience I had. Since my goals this last week has been focusing in gym and being healthy, it can be easy to do the same things at the gym and not change it up. So I decided to go together with one of my really good friends, Lia. (She is a machine!)

First off, because it is fun to work out with a friend and also to get some new ideas!

She learned me so new teqniques and new methods and I would want to share it with you here. The best thing we definitely did together was boxing!


Squats with a medicine ball!


High-Knee elpise and Stair Master (The stair master killed me, but so much more efficient and normal elpise)

Crawler - It might be hard to find in a normal gym, but it was very fun and effective.

Boxng!! I have done it before, but Lia is actually very good at it. It such a good cardio and it will get you where you want.

Who doent like stronmg girls?


I'm packing for Norway now!

Have an amazing day!



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