First year as a master student

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Hi everyone and hope you all are doing well! 

The last couple of weeks been bussy cause I am now a first year student on a master`s degree. Who would have thought so? It took me a couple of years so find out what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I guess that my time has come. 

When I was a kid I wanted to be a veterinary. But that changed fast when I faded out at the veterinary  when my cat got castrated. And I also faded out when my horse took a blood sample. So I guess that was not my fate to be a vetrinary.  Even if I have always wanted to help animals (but there would be no help from me if I just faded out all the time haha). So I found another way to help animals and some of the parts is me being a vegiterian and a member in NOAH (animal right activist group in Norway). 

My cat also got tired of all the hard study.

After I dropped my vetrinary education I wanted to be a lawyer. But there where too many rules and I was never good in math and the grades to get into a lawyer studie was so high that I also forgot that education.

When I still didnt know what I wanted to be, I thought about becoming a psychologist. But also here you needed to be a top student and I where still no good in math and history. Then I got a random tips to study philosophy. So then I seeked into philosophy studies and I got in. I have mentioned before the studies in philosophy as something I will never forget cause the studies where a place where I found my self. 

Ethics and animal right subjects on my year as a pholosophy student.

And after applying 3 years on psychology studies I finally got in! 

So now I am here. After study philosophy and psychology for 4 years. I am now a master student in psychosocial health.

Its been a long road but if you really work hard and never give up you can succeed in everything you like as long as you are keeping a positive mind and are solution- oriented. 

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