I made it to the mountains!


Finally! After 1 cancled flight,  3 missed flights, 28 hours of travelling, 3 different countries and a train ride. I made it HOME. Unfortunatly, I was so sad I missed my entire skiing trip with my friends... I really love skiing and we was supposed to spend the whole weekend together too ski and catch up, and in my case relax a little bit before a kick-off this week!

However, I felt like I did not want to miss out all of the fun, so even though I slept 4 hours, I woke up at 6am this morning and drove up to spend the last days in the mountains with my friends. It is so funny, we always go on amazing trips when I am home visiting!  I came  up to breakfast and a nice warm cabin. I LOVED IT. We went on a little ski tirp, had hot chocolate with cream and got roses in our face.

Now I am pretty tired, but it was so worth it!! I am going to get to bed soon now. Tomorrow is a day with meetings for Miss Norway!

Im happy to be home. Finally.



PS: Due to my delays, I had so much time to plan for Africa!


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