Important message about the corona epidemi!

Important message about the corona epidemi! Photo by: Camilla Hovstø


As you all know we are in a time where many of us need to stay at home and many are afraid for the corona epidemi. Here in Norway schools are closed the same with hairdressers, beauty saloons and many other stores. I like this locked down, having time to stay home, do my school work, doing housework, cooking good meals, riding my horses and spending time with my closest family. 

But my blog post today will focus on the people who dont have a place to be or at least not a safe and warm house to stay. Yesterday I was supposed to be at Rasteplassen, my volunteer place. I know a lot of people struggle through this days. Rasteplassen is just one of many volunteer senters that are closed during the corona times.

What do that do with people? People who go to volunteer senters and get free food, a hot meal and a good conversation. Felling safe, feeling like a human and being taken care of! 

I have always cared about people who is placed side by side to the society. Who dont feel like they belong anywhere and who dont feel accepted to the community. I have also felt like that when I was a teen and struggeled to find my place. 

A post I saw on FB yesterday really hit my heart. In Oslo drug addicted is outcasted from different senters and the supervised injection senters are closed. They are affraid that this precauition only will not stop the corona epidemi but spread it even more. People who are addicted and have to live on the street, who dont have a home, need food to survive, struggel to stay warm and to live. We need to take care of them! And try to convice them to be strong even if we cant be around them and hug them. I really hope the government will do something for them- if not I am affraid many of them will die. Read the article HERE

If you know someone who struggels with drug or illness these days you can make a difference by just calling them or suggest buy them some food. Together we can try making this epidemi a little bit better for someone and trying to stay togheter rather then shut them out. 

Today I also read in my local newspaper that Rasteplassen is driving out food to the people who need it. So there is still hope and place to get help if you struggel through these days. 

Senters in Oslo you still can get help is Fransiskus (sykepleier på hjul) hjelpen and Kirkens Bymisjon. Link under: 

Fransiskus hjelpen, sykepleiere på hjul Number: 2270 7680

Kirkens bymisjon Number: 2236 5500

You need a place to be in Oslo call: Kirkens Bymisjons natthjem 479 70 396

If you ecperience violence  in your home the police still can help or if you just need someone to talk to you can call: 116 123

If you want to write (si det med ord) follow the link here

Thanks for reading and hope you share this post so people in need know where they can get help through the corona epidemi and rember to take care or each other but dont have close contact. 

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