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Hi again. 

So every year we have a collection in Norway called: TV- aksjonen, The TV Campaign. And this years collection goes to World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

What does WWF do 

WWF is a worldwide wildlife fund. The organization is an international non- governmental organization who startet in 1961. They want to reduce the human impact on the invironment. "Their mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth." They organize their work around: Food, Climate, Fresh water, Wildlife, Forests and Oceans. WWF’s work has evolved from saving species and landscapes to addressing the larger global threats and forces that impact them.

Read more about WWF`s work HERE

For the Norwegian page to WWF PRESS HERE


This Years TV- Campaign

Is all about plastic reduction in the ocean! This years Campaign is focusing on four countries in SouthEast Asia cause thats where the problem is worse! A lot of countries in Asia are missing source sorting and dont have a place to leave the plastic and the garbage gets lost. In 2015 the Journal of Science estimated between 5 and 14 million tons of plastic found in the ocean! Thats a lof of plastic!


"Water without plastic saves life"

All the plastic is not visible for us. Actually we can only see 94% of the plastic thats in the ocean! So this a real and huge problem we need to solve! If we dont start to think about this problem it will only be worse and we will loose the life in the ocean, the fish and the fish industry will be harmed.

If you think garbage disappear in the nature you are wrong! Plastic is also among the garbage that use the longest time to decompose. Here is an overwiew that shows how long time different garbage use to decompose.

What you can do


Or you can do as I did today: Printed out the poster and hanged it around to spread awareness and a link where people can support WWF and this years TV- campaign. On the last photo

you can also see the poster and support this case or follow THIS LINK


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