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Hi everyone

Some of my blog posts will be written in English so the International readers also can follow my journey to Miss Norway 2020. I will focuse on important topics that means something for me and topics thats I mean is important to discuss and know about. 

This post will focus on being kind.  I dont mean that you should axcept bad behavior or bad comments from others. Because sometimes that will happen. We are all people and people can have a bad day, thats just normal for us! 

By this post I want to give expression to and encourange people to be kind! 

If you are a person that bullies one of your classmates for some reason- I want you to think about:

Have you thought about that the person you are bullying might have grown up with a mother or a father that hits her/him? Have you thought about that your classmate might have a drunk father or a mother? Have you thought about that the person you are bullying have experienced war and saw her/his siblings got killed? 

All the million people living on this planet have different experiences with life. We all had a different childhood, some good and some not so good. We all have different friends, environment and families. We live in different countries where some have war and some have piece. 

I can write a whole book about all the differences between people in the world but one thing I want to say is: We are all humans being and I think it is important that we stand together rater than appart! We can all make life a little better to be kind rather than mean  to each other! 

If you or someone you know about would like to sponsor me, please write to: Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

Hugs from Viktoria 

Ny behandling og klar for fotografering i morgen!
Ny shoot!


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